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Argentine Tango is both social and intimate in nature. As obvious as this statement is, the simple basics become one of the most overlooked problems for both leaders & followers alike. Many people that don't smoke usually gag when they embrace a partner that does smoke, smelling the stale tobacco stench on their breath, clothing, and in their hair 5 feet away. The same is true when we dance or socialize or attempt to enjoy the company of dancers with poor hygiene. For all Tango dancers to have a pleasant experience attention to our hygiene and grooming is absolutely necessary.! All recommendations below have been contributed through e-mails by women or men at tango that have met with some unpleasantries.


1. If you smoke, drink alcohol, eat garlic, onions, peppers, polish sausage, fish, doritos etc. before you come to dance please understand that some people may be offended by the smell of the very food you just enjoyed still lingering on your breath, so brush, gargle or use lots of gum and breath mints frequently.

2. Finally guys and gals, if by chance somebody asks if you forgot your perfume or cologne or offers you a mint or a stick of gum don't assume that they are just being polite. Do a "sniff test" to see if you need cologne or deodorant and definitely take the mint -- these will probably be the most subtle hints you will get !!!


1. Make certain that after a hard day of work or play that you shower or bathe before continuing your day with Tango and with people that have been scrubbing up all week anticipating passion & great smelling partners.

2. Deodorant, Cologne, Hair Spray, Lotion, Perfume, Body Powder, are lovely within reason but if we wear our only party outfit that still reeks of smoke from last weeks dance all the cosmetics above without clean clothing won't help!

3. The second biggest complaint after body odor from the ladies about men is that the guys are soaking wet. Gentlemen, as you know, to sweat is a very healthy thing. It means that we are working hard to keep our Tango wives happy on the dance floor, however, remember to bring a towel and a couple changes of tops so that the great leading that we are doing isn't getting lost in the soggy clothes.

4. For the ladies who wear short sleeves or sleeveless tops remember if you sweat a lot the poor guys whose embrace requires them to hold you under your arm pit and around your back will feel the wetness if you don't use a anti-perspirant. There are many available choices.Carefully pick a product that works..


Ladies, long hair is certainly sensuous but some guys resent having to munch hair all nite. Well the ones that have a problem with hair in their face say that women would have the same issue if the hair under the man's arm pit or on his chest was hitting the women in the face!!! Of course the tango partners that love you don't care how much hair is in their faces; they just want to be close. A barrette, bobby pin or rubber band should do the trick.


The second biggest complaint that has been e-mailed from women about women is that the ladies are forgetting to wash their hands in the wash room. No, no, ladies just spraying a little perfume or using scented lotion does not take the place of soap & water. Ladies and Gents, if you have watched the news you already know that most of the millions of pounds in food recalls and digestive tract illness has come from some food factory or restaurant employee not washing their hands after their bathroom break. So remember we hold hands with a lot of people all nite that might not understand how important it is to wash so let's wash our hand often or use one of the instant hand washes in a bottle.

source: http://www.easytango.com

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