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Activity: Workshop - A different look into Contemporary Tango (Angelika Thiele and Murielle Elizéon), 1st and 2nd Dec. 2012, Bratislava

Available in other languages: sk+cs
Owner: roman
Modification date: 26 November 2012, 23:52

A different look into Tango: “Contemporary tango Workshop”, Angelika Thiele and Murielle Elizéon, 1st and 2nd December 2012 Bratislava, Slovakia, DanceArt Studio (Pod gaštanmi 2, 82107 Bratislava, Slovakia)

Angelika and Murielle will visit Bratislava for the first time with their unique tango workshop and special unique show during the milonga.

In these workshops, we will discover contemporary dance principles and techniques informed by our practice of yoga, qigong and contact improvisation: body awareness, center work, quality and flow of movement, breathing, connection to the floor, contact with the partner, relationship to the space, improvisation. Our aim is to explore sensations through movement principles (rather than just copying forms) to achieve a clear, precise and personal dance. We will focus on connecting principles of contemporary dance with those of Argentine tango to build up a fine and playfull relationship with our partner. We will give attention to deepening the quality of Argentine tango basics (walking technique, musicality, leading and following, circularity) to achieve more complex sequences and improvisations by the end of the weekend. Systematically changing roles between follower and leader will allow us to have a more sensitive communication and understanding of the partner.

Angelika Thiele and Murielle Elizéon are professional contemporary dancers, choreographers and teachers and have been working and touring since several years in various countries( France, Denmark, Switzerland, Korea, USA, Germany). They met in Theater Freiburg (Germany) in 2009 and created and performed several projects together. Angelika and Murielle are exploring Argentine Tango’s physical, theatrical, thematical principles for performance and are teaching Tango together since 2010.

Please enjoy here a video of them form a scene in a theatre play (first 2.5 mins there is no sound, dancing to silence)

1st December Saturday
• 13.30-15.00 Workshop I - Part 1
• 15.30-17.00 Workshop I – Part 2
Following the workshop there will be Milonga
• 20.00 Milonga at Swing Café Bratislava (changed place!), with Angelika and Murielle Show at 22.00 / Milonga as Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/132464493570662
2nd December Sunday
• 13.30-15.00 Workshop II – Part 1
• 15.30-17.00 Workshop II – Part 2

Workshops are open for all level of dancers. Dancers are welcome also alone/single, partner is not mandatory.

Registration & prices: Prices are very special prices from the maestros as “Greetings to Bratislava”
Registration for 1 Workshop (1day): 25 EUR
Registration for 2 Workshops (2 days): 50 EUR
Milonga: 4 EUR but free for workshop participants

Prices are per person. Registration should be done via gancho.denizko@gmail.com You will receive a confirmation email regarding your participation and payment methods. For any questions, feel free to call +421-915-777 931 (Deniz) Participant number per workshop is limited, so hurry to register

Workshops will take place in English and will be translated into Slovak. Event powered by Deniz.

P.S.: it is possible to book private lessons with artists, please contact us for more information.

More about artists:

Murielle studies Tango since 2005 with Chicho Frumboli, Moira Castellano, Bruno Tombari y Mariangeles Caamaño among others. She performed on stage in «Tango La Queen» from Joachim Schlömer in 2007 and in several events and milongas with Sebastian Rowinsky and Ozgur Arin. Since 2005, she taught Tango workshops in Copenhagen, Stadttheater Freiburg Heidelberg and Berlin. In 2010 she created «After all», a cross-over project around Argentine tango with elderly women and professional performers, with Angelika as performer and collaborator. http://elizeon.com/biography/

Angelika had her first encounter with Argentine Tango while working on a Tango piece by contemporary choreographer Ana Mondini in Kassel (Germany) in 2003. She travelled to Buenos Aires in 2011 to work with several maestros (such as Bruno Tombari & Mariangeles Caamaño, Moira & Gaston). She is also teaching Ballet training for professional dancers.

Workshop tango argentino, Bratislava


Address: DanceArt Studio (Pod gaštanmi 2, Bratislava, Slovakia)
Price: 50 euro
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